-A reminder that this Sunday from 10 - 12 (with the exception of KPEP serving) is Storyline’s IMPACT and there will be no Gathering.
(The Gathering will resume on Sunday, November 29th. )
There are still several opportunities to participate.  If you are interested and available, please contact Storyline's IMPACT lead: Denise Brooks at  930-2834 or denisebrooks101@gmail.com
Opportunities include:
Mosaic at 510 W. Main St., Benton Harbor  - decorate café area with Christmas lights, tree, etc. 
KPEP in Benton Harbor – Food donations   
Wonderland Toy Store 200 Paw Paw, Benton Harbor corner of Territorial and Paw Paw – Cleaning facility in preparation of 3 day event 
SJHS Cards for House of Blessings and Soldiers at - Supplies provided
GIVING OPPORTUNITIES: During the Christmas Season, Impact will be collecting Toys from Storyline donators for the Wonderland Toy Store.   A list of suggested toys will be out by the HUB.  Collection dates are  11/29 and 12/6.  Invitations are available that you can extend to people that may be financially strapped this year due to job loss, illness, etc. You must have a personal relationship with individuals inviting due to a  guest profile that needs to be completed.

In addition, Kidport will be having a Mitten/Sock Christmas tree through 12/20.  Socks and Mittens can be brought to the Gathering on Sunday mornings and clipped to the tree.  Items will be donated to local charities in need.

Have a great weekend!

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